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New Jersey Work Injury Lawyer

New Jersey Workers Compensation Permanency Benefits

     Permanency award is an award of monetary compensation reflecting functional loss of a particular body part. Body parts are separated between scheduled and non-scheduled losses according to a schedule of disability which is updated yearly. Below you can link to the yearly schedule of disabilities from 2002 to 2009. The chart also lists particular body parts which are known as scheduled losses and then a column for all other injured body parts known as permanent partial total if the injury is less than total or 100%.

     Permanency determinations are made after the injured worker has reached maximum medical improvement as determined by the authorized treating physician. That is, medical treatment has concluded. Thereafter, each party will schedule an evaluation with a qualified physician who will independently evaluate the medical records and conduct a physical examination of the injured worker to arrive at an estimate, if any, of the extent of disability expressed in percentages of functional loss of a particular body part and the impact on your ability to do your job.

     The burden of proof is on the injured worker. Objective evidence is necessary for the grant of a permanency award by a Judge of Compensation in New Jersey. That is, objective medical testing and diagnosis are required for the issuance of a permanency award. However, you do not have to be totally disabled to receive a permanency award and you may still be able to perform your regular work and qualify for this benefit.


Schedule of Disabilities



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