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New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyer

When you or a loved one have suffered a crush injury as an accident victim, you need an experienced New Jersey personal injury lawyer to fight for the benefits you deserve.  At the Law Office of John F. Renner, P.C., we have built a reputation for excellence representing accident victims.  We understand the complexities of New Jersey accident law and aggressively protect your rights.  

Workers earning a living in construction and manufacturing are the most common victims of a crush injury while on the job. This type of injury can be catastrophic, resulting in a permanent loss of use of the injured part of the body. The permanent loss of the use of a body part will severely impact the ability of the injured worker to earn a living and provide for their family.

Contact John F. Renner when you or a loved one need a New Jersey personal injury lawyer.


Certified as a criminal trial attorney by the Supreme Court of New Jersey.